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Clinical Options

Individuals found to be appropriate for the RAP research program (see Referral Process) may be eligible to receive a variety of clinical services through the RAP Program or the outpatient psychiatry departments at Zucker Hillside Hospital.

Services are offered on an as needed basis and MAY include:

alt = Services may include: assessment and monitoring, psychosocial interventions (social skills group, psychoeducational family sessions, time-limited individual and family therapy, crisis management), medication consultation and management

Text Box: •	Assessment and Monitoring 
•	Psychosocial Interventions
• Social Skills Group
• Time-Limited Individual & Family Therapy
• Crisis Management 
• Psychoeducational Family Session
•	Alternative Medical Treatments
•	Medication Consultation & Management

Note: Currently, family psychoeducational sessions and social skills groups are being provided free of charge to eligible participants as part of a research study. No costs will be incurred for participating in this study.

Treatment Fees

Affiliated outpatient services are billed to the patient's insurance plan. This includes the initial intake assessment, individual and family therapy sessions, and medication consultations and ongoing visits. Patients/families will be financially responsible for all applicable co-payments based on their insurance plans. Many insurance plans are accepted by the North Shore-LIJ Health System. If insurance is not available, fees for evaluation and treatment are offered on a sliding scale, based upon documented income.                

Outreach & Education for Professionals

In addition, the RAP Program staff provide educational trainings to mental health and education professionals in the Queens/Long Island area (subject to availability).  If you or your professional group are interested in scheduling a training, please contact Dr. Andrea Auther at