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Early Warning Signs

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Psychosis?

Early symptoms or new experiences can occur on and off over time. It is the combination of several symptoms rather than any one symptom that can put a person at risk. Read more about the symptoms of psychosis below.


alt = Early symptoms of mental illness and warning signs of psychosis may include: Jumbled thoughts and confusion (trouble with focus and attention, losing abilities in athletics or hobbies, difficulty reading and understanding long sentences, forgetting and getting lost, and not understanding what people are saying), feeling something's not quite right (feeling like your brain's not working, not able to do school work or one's own job, uncharacteristic behavior, heightened sensitivity to sights, sounds, smells or touch), being fearful for no good reason (worrying that others are thinking bad thoughts about you, thinking others wish to harm you in some way, watching others with suspicion, fearful and uneasy feeling around people), declining interest (withdrawal from friends and family, loss of motivation or energy, dramatic changes in sleeping or eating habits, lack of interest in things you used to enjoy, not caring about appearance), hearing sounds/voices that are not there (feeling like your brain is playing tricks on you, any continuing sights or sounds that others can't see or hear, feeling like someone is putting thoughts in your head), trouble speaking clearly (trouble with focus and attention, losing track of conversations, forgetting)