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Do Creativity And Schizophrenia Share A Small Genetic Link? Maybe

June 9, 2015, National Public Radio (NPR)

“There are hundreds of common genetic mutations scattered throughout the human genome that each bump up by just a tiny bit the risk of developing a mental illness like schizophrenia.  Many people carry some of those genes, but most don’t end up with a psychotic disorder.  Instead, a study suggests, they might be getting a small creative boost.” 


Johnson & Johnson’s Schizophrenia Drug Wins FDA Approval

May 19, 2015, The Wall Street Journal 

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Johnson & Johnson’s latest schizophrenia treatment, which the company says is the longest dosing interval available for patients with the condition.”  


Schizophrenia’s secrets begin to unravel

May 4, 2015, Los Angeles Times

“New research has found connections among several of schizophrenia’s peculiar collection of symptoms – including agitation and memory problems – and linked them to a single genetic variant among hundreds thought to heighten risk of the disorder.”  


NAMI Offers Unique App for Mental Health Support – Just in Time for Mental Health Month

April 24, 2015, PR Newswire

“The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has unveiled NAMI AIR, a unique iPhone and Android app to provide support and access to information both for persons living with mental health conditions and for family members, friends and other caregivers… beginning May 1.”  


No Rest For Your Sleeping Brain

April 14, 2015, National Public Radio (NPR)

“There’s new evidence that the brain’s activity during sleep isn’t random.  And the findings could help explain why the brain consumes so much energy even when it appears to be resting.” 


Mental health and the death of the “headclutcher” picture

April 13, 2015, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

“A campaign backed by Stephen Fry has been launched to try to change the type of images used by the media for stories about mental health.  But what is wrong with the ones currently used?” 


End the stigma of mental illness

April 6, 2015, CNN

“We have to recognize that ‘mental illness’ is a broad category encompassing many different challenges that affect people in a variety of ways.” 


Mental Health Therapy Through Social Networking Could Soon Be a Reality

March 31, 2015, TIME

“An experimental social networking platform intent on helping users calm anxiety and reverse symptoms of depression has received positive feedback.” 


Infant Brain Abnormalities Show Schizophrenia Genesis

March 30, 2015, Medscape

“Neonates of mothers with schizophrenia or bipolar illness show abnormalities in the amygdala in the earliest stages of brain development that are consistent with alterations associated with schizophrenia, according to new research.” 


New York City To Teens: TXT ME With Mental Health Worries

March 27, 2015, National Public Radio (NPR)

“The majority of teenagers with mental health issues don’t get help.  But maybe if help were just a text message away – they wouldn’t be so hesitant to reach out.  That’s the thinking behind NYC Teen Text, a pilot program at 10 New York public high schools that allows teens to get help with mental health issues by text.” 


From Freud To Possession, A Doctor Faces Psychiatry’s Demons

March 14, 2015, National Public Radio (NPR)

“In Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry, Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman looks at the development of what he himself calls the most distrusted, feared and denigrated of all medical specialties.”


Redefining Mental Illness

January 17, 2015, New York Times

“Two months ago, the British Psychological Society released a remarkable document entitled ‘Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia.’ Its authors say hearing voices and feeling paranoid are common experiences, and are often a reaction to trauma, abuse or deprivation.”


Brain Scans May Help Predict Future Problems, And Solutions

January 7, 2015, National Public Radio (NPR)

“By measuring activity in different parts of the brain, neuroscientists can get a sense of how some people will respond to treatments.” 


Breaking the taboo: It’s time to talk about mental health

January 3, 2015, CNN

“On World Mental Health Day, around the globe many of us, perhaps hundreds or thousands or even millions, will be raising awareness of mental health issues to challenged outdated views, and to put an end to life-limiting, and sometimes life-threatening, stigma and discrimination that’s still attached to having a mental health problem in so many countries and communities.”


Map Of The Developing Human Brain Shows Where Problems Begin

April 2, 2014, National Public Radio (NPR)

“A high-resolution map of the human brain in utero is providing hints about the origins of brain disorders including schizophrenia and autism.