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Referral Process

Referral Process for Clients and Families

If you or someone you know is experiencing early warning signs of mental illness, CALL US and we will assist you in getting help.

STEP 1 - CALL the RAP Program at 718-470-8115.

STEP 2 - A RAP Program professional will conduct a PHONE SCREEN to determine eligibility for the program. In some cases we may ask you to come in for a brief in-person screen. If eligible, the research and treatment options will be explained to you and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program.

STEP 3 - If you are eligible and want to participate in the research program, an appointment for a COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION  will be scheduled. These appointments will be scheduled typically over 2 - 3 days. We make every effort to schedule appointments at times that are convenient for participants and families.

STEP 4 - Following the comprehensive evaluation, the RAP treatment team will confirm diagnoses and develop treatment recommendations which will be presented to you in a FEEDBACK SESSION.

STEP 5 - Recommended TREATMENT services will be initiated or participants will be referred out to appropriate services if necessary.

STEP 6 - Participants, whether or not they receive treatment in the RAP Program, will receive a RESEARCH FOLLOW UP every 2 to 6 months for up to 2 years (depending on study).  


Referral Process for Clinicians

STEP 1 - Call the RAP Program at 718-470-8154 and complete phone screen with RAP personnel.

STEP 2 - Discuss referral to RAP with client and family. Discuss need for evaluation and treatment options. Obtain consent to exchange information with RAP personnel.

STEP 3 - Have client call the RAP Program directly to be further screened and schedule subsequent appointments.

STEP 4 - With client/parent written permission, forward any collateral summaries or documents that would be useful to the evaluating clinician.

STEP 5 - Client and family will complete the comprehensive evaluation.

STEP 6 - Client and family will attend feedback session where results and recommendations will be given.

STEP 7 - RAP clinician will discuss recommendations with referrer and determine who will provide ongoing services (e.g., RAP clinicians or collaboration with referrer)